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Suncoat Products

Suncoat natural cosmetics – non-toxic and natural

Natural Hair Spray Fragrance Free


I just want to take a moment to compliment your company on an excellent
product. I don’t often write to a company directly to thank them for a job
well done, but your Suncoat Sugar-based Natural Hair Styling Spray, which I
ordered recently and tried, is so fantastic that I had to say something!

I have very fine hair and as I get older I need a product to “thicken” my
hair and help cover some small areas that are thinning. I also try to only
use products that are as natural as possible, which is very difficult as so
many companies still use petroleum based ingredients and call them ‘green”.

I used to use a Jason product for my hair, but found them too chemical &
scent laden. In comparison after trying your product, I find it adds body to
my hair without making it stiff, and holds the natural style of my hair. I
also notice that it doesn’t darken the colour of my hair while in place. It
even shimmers a bit now.

I’m relieved to have found a hair styling spray that fulfills all my
requirements! I’ve been ordering several natural products from for a
while now, and I’m glad to see that yours are there as well. Thank you!

Montreal, Canada

Your Sun Coat Unscented hairspray products is the BEST ever.  I have chemical sensitivities and my sole mission in the next few weeks it to tout your praises wherever I can.  I can’t tell you of the number of products I have tried, and have pretty much given up trying.   My hair stylist mentioned sugar and vodka, which sounded pretty expensive and I began doing some research.

Please don’t ever stop making this product.

Kate, US

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Aqua (water), hydrolyzed Zea mays (corn) starch, citric acid, tocopherol (vitamin E), Citrus grandis (grapefruit ) seed extract, vegetable glycerin, potassium sorbate.

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We expanded our repertoire from natural color cosmetics to hair care with the launch of a sugar-based natural hair styling spray in 2005, and the addition of sugar-based natural hair styling gel, hair styling mousse and a new hair styling spray in 2008.

These hair styling products are formulated based on the innovative sugar-based technology we have created. They provide volume, long lasting hold and add shine without using any chemicals. They are also alcohol-free which prevents hair from drying out. Suitable for all hair types, can be applied to dry or damp hair.

200ml / 6.7oz

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