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Suncoat Products

Suncoat natural cosmetics – non-toxic and natural

Nail Art Glitter Sets


Contents: 1pc nail polish colour, 1pc Clear Gloss clear nail polish and 2pcs glitter pots

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Step 1 : Apply 1-2 coats of the nail polish colour onto your nails, let dry between coats.
Step 2. For large glitters : dip the clear nail polish brush into the glitter pot, brush the glitter onto your nails. Let dry completely. For fine glitters: apply another coat of the nail polish colour on your nail, immediately place your finger nail-side-down into the glitter pot. Tap your finger onto a hard surface to remove excess glitters. Let the nail polish dry for 1-3 minutes.
Step 3 : Apply the clear topcoat to cover the glitter for a glossy and fun finish. Let dry completely.
Step 4 : Repeat the same for the rest of your fingers.

You can also use the Clear Gloss nail polish as the base coat, and create super sparkle nail art directly onto your fingertips.

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Nail Polish Ingredients:

Ingredients ( nail polish): water, acrylate copolymers. May contain: mica, iron oxides, chromium oxide geen, ferric ferrocyande, titanium oxide, carmine, polyethylene terephthalate ( glitters).

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Let your imagination fly. Super sparkly nail art at your fingertips.

Follow the instructions on the “Application” page.

These nail polish colours are water-based and peelable, completely VOC free, odourless, non-toxic and safe.

Our recommended age: 7 years of age and older

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