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Suncoat Products

Suncoat natural cosmetics – non-toxic and natural

Merry Mini Mani


  • 10pcs 2ml water-based peel-off nail polish
  • 1pc soft touch nail file for children
  • 1 page  holiday decal sheet
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Nail Polish Ingredients:

water, acrylic copolymer. May contain: mica, iron oxides, ferric ferrocyanide, chromium oxide green, ultramarine blue, carmine, polyethylene terephthalate (glitters)

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A perfect pack for holiday manicure!

You will not only find the holiday must have red-green-white colours in this kit, you will also be able to add fun twist to your manicure design with the gold and blue glittery colours, the bright sunflower colour and the soft and hot pinks. The box boasts lively holiday graphic and colour, perfectly displays the rainbow of possibilities inside.

Holiday decals in this pack will add holiday delight to your nailart creation.

Soft touch nail file will help to prepare your nails for a perfect holiday manicure.

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