Why Many So-Called “Natural” Nail Polishes Are Still Smelly & Toxic

Have you ever wondered why toluene-free, formaldehyde-free and phthalate-free “natural” nail polishes are still so smelly and damaging your nails? Did you know 3-free, 5-free “natural” nail polish contains little to no natural ingredients but is full of harmful chemicals called ACETATE!

As I’m writing this blog, it is currently 32 degree C outside, feeling more like 40 degree C. On hot summer days like these, you probably like to take advantage of the weather and do your nails outside. The main reason being that so many nail polishes have that disgusting fume as it dries, so painting nails indoors turns out to be pretty nasty. Your solution: save your nose by buying natural nail polishes

You go to the store, see some 3-free, 5-free “toluene-free, formaldehyde-free & phthalate-free,…etc” nail polish brands, and decide to give them a try. But to your dismay, they still have that stench. Not to mention, they’re still damaging to your nails! Why?

A lot of the mainstream nail polish brands pride themselves on being “natural” and free of harmful chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde and phthalate, etc. But the truth is they aren’t doing any less harm to your nails and your body. They don’t lie to you, they just find ways around making toxic nail polish with other chemicals: ACETATE! And they fill more than half of their nail polish bottles with it!


  • ACETATE is a group of clear, highly volatile synthetic chemicals that makes up more than 60% of nail polish content!
  • ACETATE is very smelly, generates chemical fumes as nail polish dries!
  • ACETATE is highly flammable and dangerous to you and our environment!
  • ACETATE discolours and dries out your nails!
  • ACETATE makes nail salons a stinky place!
  • ACETATE forces nail technicians to wear masks!

Be sure to check the ingredients in nail polish and make informed choices. If you see ACETATE, i.e butyl acetate and ethyl acetate, as the first ingredients in a nail polish, you know it is NOT a natural nail polish but rather a toxic chemical one!
Here at Suncoat, we replace toluene and ALL the acetates with water! Water is always the very first ingredient in our natural nail polish.!

BY Ying, Suncoat founder & chief chemist